A company that offers you the chance to improve sales by offering your customers vacation incentives, it sounds too good to be true, right? This article will look at whether Advertising Boost is a genuine opportunity to increase sales or a scam.

Let’s start by looking at how this program works. It’s simple, as a business owner you pay $45 per month, then youcan choose which hotel and dining experiences to offer to your clients. But how on Earth can a company afford to give away so many hotels stays for such a small monthly fee? Well, hotels let people put them in any unbooked rooms. This arrangement makes good business sense, for both the hotel and Advertising Boost. There are fixed costs associated with having a hotel room, if no-one is staying in it, the room is causing a loss for the hotel. Even if people stay in the room for free, they will still be spending money with the hotel, by purchasing minibar items. For example, if the hotel rooms and dining experiences are provided to Advertising Boost for free, then the $45 subscription fee is more than enough to cover running costs and make a profit. So, this program does make commercial sense for all parties.

There is another huge question mark associated with this program, would using it increase sales? It has been shown consistently that offering incentives to customers makes them more likely to purchase a product or service. Incentives are also more likely to make a customer switch to another provider. Research also indicates that customers are more likely to appreciate an experience such as dining, or a hotel stay over a financial reward like a cashback. That is because these experiences are more memorable and emotionally meaningful. The research indicates that people who received experiences are more likely to form an emotional connection to the business who gave it to them. Additionally, using incentives like hotel stays to motivate workers has been shown to cause a boost in productivity and engagement. So, using the Advertising Boost program can cause a boost in sales that will more than cover the $45 subscription to the program.

So far everything has indicated that this is a genuine, trustworthy company. However, but what about the people that really count, the users. What do the reviews say about Advertising Boost? They are largely positive, with people saying they are pleased with the increase in sales. In fact, many of the reviews I found contained links to Advertising Boost as the reviewers wanted other people to get the same amazing results they experienced. The company they’ve partnered with to provide the hotels, Booking VIP, also has largely positive reviews.

So, based on my research into Advertising Boost, is it a scam? No, I think this is a legitimate company. The business model makes perfect sense for both hotels and Advertising Boost. The program would improve sales and customer retention. The reviews also indicate that this is a genuine company. Though it sounded too good to be true, Advertising Boost is a real company, who can help you achieve a huge increase in sales. So, subscribe today to get a free trail and improve your sales now.

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    1. That’s pretty cool, but I didn’t approve of that. It’s not always good to use your actual site as pretty links unless you’re secure with the offer. I know about super affiliate system and actually is ran by a credible affiliate source. So, it’s all good. He has a lot of great free training and is already proven in the industry.

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