A thought probably influenced from some knowledgeable source like the bible, success, and self-help books I’ve read. As it’s very important to understand certain things and having a rich mindset. Rich in life period, not all about the money. You can’t have the money without truth. I know that’s a little hard to understand, but I will write a whole other posts on that. For now I will share my books that I’ve read and are currently reading. I say probably influenced, because honestly I don’t know exactly where these thoughts that sound like a successor speaking come from, except that I’ve been studying how successors think for a few yrs now. I agree with most of them on how thoughts become things. I’m very grateful to have learned different thought processes in the past 9 yrs. and feel it’s very important to have wealthy mindset. Hopefully someone gets just one positive thing out of this. Well, here’s it goes!

Most people only remember that last book, company, or item someone invested in. Money or time or money and time. So they think this person was lucky, because they found exactly what they wanted or they just always knew how to be successful. Either with making money, losing weight, understanding a woman or a man, or being an entrepreneur, the concept can be the same. Don’t want to get that deep. I’m trying to keep it simple. 

The difference between people that make it and don’t are people that understand themselves and show up everyday. Understanding their goals and tasked at hand everyday. No matter how hard it gets because the better things in life usually are the hardest things to understand everyday. Not saying, because your friend and you have a day off and y’all plan to go mountain climbing at 9 am, but it doesn’t happen til 11 am that you’re late or wrong for anything. There are levels to commitments and words. Majority of people waste a lot of time on not understanding that. Something that simple can really spoil a negative or poor mindset. Then it spreads through out the rest of the day and makes things worst. It wasn’t a big deal to begin with.

Back to the more difficult things in life, we all wish they weren’t and not 100% of things just come through the grace of God instantly, but most of the time there is a lot for us to learn where things are presented in a way to always be knowledgeable of our content. Either way everyday a successful person strives for love that’s reciprocated everyday. What ever your passion is. Understand that success will never quit and that’ s the difference. Try to stay within the successful path of you vibrations. Minor setbacks happen learn to jump right back on. 

Eventually you’ll become today and yesterday. Even though the past was supposed to be left behind, there is always a past that you learned from that always holds on. It should, know what does and know what shouldn’t. Either way never quit on your love and understanding. 

The difference between a successful person in anything, everyday they understand their investment and will always risk some losses for some gains. When that gain loses you don’t quit, but find another way to make it an investment. 

Another indicator of poor mentalities, a lot of people think that they’re their job. Just one example. Don’t get it twisted I’m living off of my job right now, but I understand that I’m making certain sacrifices in always bettering myself and my love. 

Hindsight is better than foresight, right. Not Todayyyyyy. (LoL) Even in failure always have faith that it’s all for the better. Understand what success overcomes everyday even when you feel like quitting. Faith, Family, and Love; the most important reason everyday.

Quote by Michael Beckwith: “When you believe more in what you don’t see, than what you do see, then what you do see, you won’t see and what don’t see, you will see.”

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  1. I see where you’re going with this. A good post on a really good Blog. I take it you’re explaining and teaching mindset while also give some resources based off of your experience on what has worked and what hasn’t. Pretty cool!

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