About Antonio

“Helping Others Understand Faith, Love, Themselves, and Creating Success. F.L.Y.S. on the wall observe and see the bigger picture. Think like a kid and stay open minded. Let’s F.L.Y.S. Together. Faith, Love and You Succeed by making a better you to make a better world for all.”

Faith: A huge part of being successful is just knowing that you will be.

Love: Is created through channeling your energy with who you are, the things you want, and having faith. With Love the things you need come automatically when used with faith. Love and Faith are related

“Kids look up to parents, Adults look up to success and F.L.Y.S look up to fighter Jets. We should all aspire for betterment.”

You: By teaching to understand who you are and your purpose for success. Your Why? It should be about more than money or family. Understanding that speeds up the process. (I do it for my family and the kids of the world. With mass success I will get the children of the world to duplicate on their terms and passions using the same concepts. Our worlds potential will not go to waste, because of bad programming.)

Succeed: By teaching mindset and errors Idealistic Braining has gone through so you the successor doesn’t have to. Also, by providing the right tools.