A T-Shirt For A Champions Mentality.

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The Baby Astronaut is All of Us. It insinuates that Idealistic thinking we want. That thought we think is perfect that isn’t always but perseveres through positive affirmations and understanding in order to succeed failure becomes a reality that doesn’t take away from perfection. You can’t fail if you’re not doing.

“Taking Action On What You Think Is Perfect Will Determine The Success Of The Idea. You Have To Just Do It, Be a Champion. Find Breakthrough In All Aspects of Life To Become a Better Person and Help The World Become A Better Place.”

“We’re All Born Champions.”

The Star Insinuates Balance. “Balance In Life Is Key.”

“Where Marketing and Ideas Get Results”


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I Supported Five” 3 Night U.S.A. Complimentary Vacation Stays

Orlando, Florida… Las Vegas, Nevada… Branson, Missouri… Williamsburg, Virginia… Gatlinburg, Tennessee…,¬†Myrtle Beach, South Carolina,… Daytona Beach, Florida…¬†

“I Supported Five” 5 Night Over Seas Complimentary Vacation Stays

Cancun, Mexico… Puerto Penasco, Mexico… Mazatlan, Mexico… Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico… Acapulco, Mexico… Tenerife, Spain… Koh Samui, Thailand… Phuket, Thailand… Bali, Indonesia