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This Page is About Finding Breakthrough in All Aspects of Life with Antonio and Idealistic Braining.  The Journey From A Troubled Environment To A Road of Success. One Dream With Becoming A Healthy One With The Universe, In Love, Health, Master Marketer, Successful Entrepreneur, Financial Consultant and Helping Others Do The Same.

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Story of Antonio starting from the bottom now being here, is below after services and softwares…..

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Now the Story. Started From The Mud Now We’re  Here…..

Before I get in to how Idealistic Braining and I came about. I would like you to know there’s a lot of value here with finding breakthrough; not only with your marketing, business endeavors, but with life as a whole. So, read on as my perspective of living both worlds of the poor minded, wealth minded, coming from the hood to the middle class and relating with the wealthy becomes a blessing with understanding a healthy self inside and out. Kind of like Rich Dad Poor Dad: What The Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!, (written by a successful american self educated business man, Robert Kiyosaki) but a bit more intense. Also, self educated I’ll go through the thought process of the different lifestyles, successful people, and my story. The few steps in being successful are understanding yourself, loving yourself, to love your health to Give the wealth with understanding to enhance your frame of mind and relationships with people and energy. Being open, aware, true, and positive even when it seems there’s any hope. There will be examples from books and challenges in my life that changed my frame of mind to start thinking like a champion in Finding Breakthrough in all aspects of Life!

Now, to how I grew up in a troubled environment or the hood as it’s called. However, I’m happy to say that love was always a big part of my family and besides an early divorce of my parents the issue being more of the environment. My old neighborhood also being about Love, but some of us were lost for Love. Love is understanding. Most of us were raised in churches, different religions, got a lot of ass whoopings (lol), things that instilled good moral and some type of discipline, but it’s obvious with our world it didn’t always work. I’m sorry, but our parents weren’t taught correctly and I believe we weren’t taught real order. There’s a way to live and that’s through the understanding of self, being in tuned with nature, and objectivity. There’s lots of religions out there and science isn’t exempt from it neither, because some science is religion too; lots of it could be subjective, not necessarily true, but what people want to believe, because it’s all they know. Well, at some point I believe we should study history, all religions, cultures, food, hydroponics, farming, carpentry, technology and science but stick to the things that are objective. Quick example, and I know some of my up bringers will get offended, because now that I think about it, even in religion growing up was diverse. I grew up Catholic, but my best friend was Christian, and my other close friend was Muslim. Either way different sectors in each religion and hope not to offend anyone, but here is an example of being objective. In the laws of these Abrahamic religions Pork is forbidden. People think that comes from Islamic law but it actually comes from the Torah (5 books of Moses) the book that Christians and Catholics are supposed to follow that predates Quran. Also, some Christians say that’s just the old testament which is a whole other subject of not understanding with religion. Anyways, we can go in to science to see the enzymes in pork that are impossible to be killed no matter how it’s cooked. Now we can get in to regular life experiences. When my dad had his heart attack the first thing the Dr. told him was to stop eating pork; that was about 15 yrs. ago. Just 4 yrs. ago I met a co-worker that had the same experience and the first thing the Dr. told him was stay away from pork. Now I’m sure there’s other reasons too. However, we could see that these discoveries of Ancient civilizations with different Gods telling us, science showing us, two credible people tell me this is what Dr.’s said to them; to say pork is bad for you isn’t subjective to my belief anymore. Now that was just to have an understanding on being objective. I’m not religious anymore, but I do believe in God and divine order with in nature and righteousness.

Now back to the considered bad guys, thugs, ghetto people, or troubled persons. It’s a similar concept of objectivity with the experience of watching what actions lead to negative results, except for you are able to pick up a little quicker. You don’t necessarily need to put your hand on the stove when it’s hot to learn not to do it again, because your hand is already around the stove. However, they had lots of love, moral and the same goals to feed their families and become successful as any legit entrepreneur out there. Not glorifying and yes, there were a couple yins, but the love for family and acceptance were the same, just with a poor mentality not seeing any other way out. Don’t forget the yin and the yang are in the same circle divided by a line. There’s light in all of us. However, we’ve been destroyed for a lack of knowledge for centuries. Once again not glorifying or pointing fingers. Also, when talking about hoods, people think of killing. That’s something that I’ll definitely never agree with. It’s unnecessary and there are a small percentage of those guys that are completely lost to take them selves to do such an act.

My neighborhood at the time had it’s similar traits of any hood except for it was more family and posse oriented. At least, in the beginning, but has had it’s different influences here and there with different gang affiliations; now from what I hear every once in a blue. I apologize to those that don’t understand, but the truth is I try to stay away from poor conversations or negativity, but it’s tough not to love the people you grew up with even though they’re stuck in a mentality that they have any hope. Don’t misinterpret I will always love my long life friends, but like Jay-Z said, (“these are the rules I follow in my life you gotta love it/ jiggy jigga looking gully in the joint/if y’all ain’t talking about large money what’s the point.) In this song “Feeling It”, on “Reasonable Doubt” wasn’t just about money, but a frame of mind and way of living. You can’t have success dead or in jail. You can’t burn certain bridges, but at the same time stay away from the ones thinking negatively. You can’t let negativity consume you. Once again being humble here, because I still struggle and put myself at a club or situation I probably shouldn’t be around every once in the blue. So, I can end up dead in that next blue and then y’all be like look at this hypocrite. My point isn’t that I’m perfect, but that you change your mentality, progress, and understand that it will take time. A positive line that I then realized Jay-Z’s frame of mind and why he is as successful as he is, “even if it ain’t sunny I ain’t complaining/I’m in the rain doing a buck 40 hydroplaning.” He knew that dwelling on negativity wasn’t going to bring him anywhere. He understood how the mind needs to be fed and what it should consume. He wrote that in 1996 and look where he is now. (I know some of y’all probably never knew rap had this much substance and are assumptions of Jay-Z being a devil worshiper. Well, could be true, but I’m taking the positives out of his story and not glorifying him neither.) Even though I can agree that he needs to find light if these allegations are true.

We can’t forget that we’re all people. Whether in a poor state of mind or not, my love is unconditional to my life long friends. Whether, I do a good job at showing it or not, it’s true. I understand that some of us are more lost than others and I hope one day I can show a better way. In order to show them I have to love myself first. They are a big part of my dreams. I understand that the mindset was giving to us with programming in media and the Ronald era that made the trappers or the trapped ones blind to an ultimate goal.

I haven’t been perfect neither. I always knew there was a better way, but by my mid teenage yrs. I fell short on what I knew wasn’t right. I fell in love with money at such an early age and wasn’t able to get a job yet. The root of all evil right? (Wealth state of mind) No, things are what you make them. If you get big money, but haven’t fixed yourself from lust and bad addictions it will be bad. You need to understand purpose in life. Right now if I had a Billion dollars I would open up universities with curriculum’s that would change the world for the better.

So, back to my (young and poor state of mind). From my environment I thought that there was only one way to make it now. I noticed I was going through the wrong path selling smoke for a week my freshman yr. and quit fast after a scare. My mother moved us (2 little brothers, and 2 little sisters) to a better environment in Hammonton, New Jersey, The Blueberry Capital of the World about 12 miles away and things got better, but I still had this love for money. I actually went and picked blueberries with my grandma at like 14 yrs. old. That sun was rough and it was only seasonal so I went back to the smoke for a few yrs., but then got out for good.

I changed my frame of mind and started studying successful people, love, religion, and culture. It’s been working. Here I am today with a wealthier state of mind for truth, love, and health. So, If you like to read, this will be a great read like, “started from the bottom now we’re here.” (Lol a successful Drake song)

You can call this a mini biography that gets into detail about understanding self, relationships, self education, over coming obstacles, and becoming successful. From the bottom of the heart, here it is.

Well, I was born in May weather on the 15th a champion of 1985. How I know and why it took a bit longer to excel, I’ll explain.

We’re all born champions. Balancing life, with environment and programming by authorities and family takes us off course a bit from the moment we’re born. We get lots of bad advice in our life time, because most people are programmed to think negatively and unlearned about life period. Not necessarily our fault. We’ve just been unaware of the truth. For example, they’ll say things like, money doesn’t grow on trees or working hard is the only way to succeed. Ask that gal/guy if working hard for 45 yrs. has him/her where he/she wants and if she/he thinks he’s/she’s successful. Chances are she’s/he’s going to talk about what he should of done. The questions that will come up in your own mind will be, did i do enough, love enough and was I happy. It’s not the things you do that you’ll regret, but the things you don’t do.

Poor minded people always talk about saving money and wealthy minded people talk about investing. You think it’s that people with money know how to save. That’s only a very small fraction of it and not as important. People save a 401k their whole life only to be able to live maybe 10 yrs longer and declining as time goes on. Poor minded people also dwell in the past. The past should only have love and learned lessons implanted in your subconscious mind, but what we have is a lot of cognitive dissonance with the clashing of inconsistency in the kind of love or understanding we see.

Understanding to break out of the negative frame of mind is really life changing. According to a book called, “Think and Grow Rich” it takes men until they’re 40 yrs. old to be successful, because they finally learn to control their sex drive. In my knowledge and what I believe in, it makes sense considering you’re channeling energy and thought in to something that’s consuming you. If all you can think about is success, then you’ll get success. If all you think about is failing, then you’ll keep failing…..

I grew up in a small, but drug infested area, Egg Harbor City, New Jersey, about 25 miles from Atlantic City, New Jersey. My solid memories as a younging in Egg Harbor City were, warm strawberry milk; my loving mother made me in a bear bottle as I sat on top of the washer waiting to take my dad to work, a yellow big wheel (lol if you’re an 80’s baby I know y’all remember the big wheel), my mothers cooking, my first big bike(a huffy that my dad was waiting to give me for my birthday when I got out of school) my grandma Maria’s apt. and cooking (she lived across from my moms apt. and God bless her soul), first time ever driving a car at 10 yrs. old with my dad, my grandma Santa that would always bring G.I Joes for christmas from Puerto Rico, spending summers in Brooklyn with my Aunt Judy, Uncle Cano and cousins on my dad side, going to football games when I was good in peewee lol with Scott, David, and Adrian, then lower east Manhattan from my mother side when they would visit or we would go there, My great grandma and my Uncle Cheo(God bless his soul) the basketball court behind my mothers apt. , Tio Juniour (God Bless his soul) coming to my grandmas partys from Manhattan with my cousin Jamali her mother and sisters, fighting my boy Lionell at like 7 yrs. old, because of Laquays instigating ass lol, fighting my boy Ivan R. because he dropped my wood bat and it cracked(I loved baseball at 7yrs. old), My cousin Lil Tony(God Bless his soul) from Manhattan coming down and busting Little Billy in the head with a spray paint can, sitting on the step telling his dad Tony and cousin Jeanette that I was going to NBA, My cousin Dilsa and Jahira from brooklyn (we spent lots of summers together), My uncle Chic making me fight Jason (God Bless his soul) at like 6 yrs. old and he was like 10 yrs. old,(I think I still won. Probably later in life why I was a natural lol), fighing with brandon my dude b loves and keiths nephew, Reina and La colora beefing, Roach making Ivan and Shaggy fight all the time lol, going crabbing with my dad, great uncle, cousins, aunts, and the Gilberts. (God Bless Mr. Gilberts Soul) Liz’s apartment and spaghetti (Tony and Bears mom), Maria’s and Cubano’s apt. and cooking (Tony and Bears Grandparents) my neighbor and family Rob Scott, Shaky making that Bear cake for my 6th birthday, My cousin Dom(my brother from another) needing nose surgery(CTFU he’s going to be mad), My lil cousin Jasmin (Dom’s sister) adorable knowing every lyrical to every song.(Actually that was Dom too) , hanging out with Natalia and Nieveliz lol, Donna always ready to fight and playing ball with me lol, Mr. Bubbles, Iris, and Linda, playing video games with Tony, Tony and Bear fighting, (Lol it would be hilarious.) Danny cutting my hair(I know he probably hates this because he’s known as the barber, but he has a doctrine in that. Til this day still cuts, but besides that is a great guy that brings great value as a friend)Bear and I stealing Danny’s bike from Anna’s house(a memory besides cutting lol, lots of love for that guy), Donna and Chippy fighting,(Lol) My brother Joselito and I fighting (Almost as hiliarious), all my friends playing man hunt, playing basketball with Scott, Lionell, Jesus, Luis, Jovan, Caroline’s place (Lionell’s mother) where she would always have some great art she was creating, playing organized ball with Waldo and Roach(I was on jv at the time.) I remember telling Waldo I was breaking all records. Never played much on varsity. I was starting shooting guard for probably 2 games. I always did something grade wise to disqualify myself. Really regret that.)boxing in the street, Lily Green and Rana’s antics were interesting, Little Carlos running Chino’s (Bears Dad God Bless his soul) 4 Wheeler into a pole, Jennys apt. (my boy jesus moms apt.), Ms. Daisys apt. (my boy Jovans apt.), Sonyas apt. (my boy bolo moms apt.), My uncle Pedro stealing a G.T. vertigo bike for me to then stole it back lol (He has a big heart never meant harm) Mr. Charles always giving advice, taking my mothers stick shift car at 12 yrs. old with my one of my best friends Danny P to a teenage get together, (By the way I was a little daring, but not that daring lol. I didn’t do any drugs and didn’t start drinking til I was almost 18 yrs. old lol. So, no I wasn’t extra wild.), Civil Air Patrol with Ivan J(God Bless his soul. Always had me cracking up and getting me in trouble) my dads apt. in Atlantic City on Stenton Place Ave., pitching to my uncle (Miche) before my baseball games, my mother crying at the top of the stairs when she got the call that my uncle (Miche) passed away (God bless his soul), my other uncle (Chic) trying to perform cpr on our great uncle (Copa) who lived on the other side as well, (God bless his soul), my cousins santo and santito (pretty similiar always giving good advice) my great aunt Goya (who lived next store to us and baby sat me and used to always take my cousin Nancy and me to the park) passing away, (God bless her soul), her son my cousin Gonzo always trying to scare me (God bless his soul) and then bam bam bam bam, toot toot toot toot (shots fired).

(Also, I wasn’t really trying to involve anyone and I’m sure there’s a lot more memories, but these are the first things that came up about my very early ages at this time and hope anyone feels left out, because honestly this isn’t about shouting anybody out to begin with.)

The shootings would happen often, but I remember two times vividly. One time, (God bless his soul my brother from another) Bear and I probably about 8 yrs. old were playing four square by the basketball court. As we hear the shots we know it’s time to run to the closest apt., which was my moms (apt 12 A), but for some reason we both ended up running towards his moms apt. (16 F) I remember a bullet passing right by my face and thought, Wow, I almost died. Then we make it to his moms apt. and we end up going under the beds on the second floor. From there when it’s finally over, because they ran out of bullets, because the cops would hardly ever come in there, or just when it was all over, I remember Liz (Bear and Tony’s Mom) telling us she wishes that we learn to do better. First time I thought about it. The second time I thought about it I was with Lionell  at the basketball court again, about 10 yrs. old. (Toot toot toot toot, bam bam, toot toot toot toot, bam bam) We run around the corner towards my apt. and notice his step dad and Chino shot(God bless his Chino’s soul, however he was not killed in this shooting as both men were walking and wounded in the leg and one in the arm.) We started talking and told each other that we will never be like any of these guys and we’ll never get in to the businesses they were in as the shootings were always about bad business. Early on we understood that game was a trap, but then growing a little bit and worried about being fly.

Now about 14 yrs. old understanding that I want to have control of the currency I earn to buy all the nice jerseys, sneakers, and be fly like my dude Jermain (God Bless his soul) was trying to teach my boy Lionell and I. He said he gets the ladies in high school looking fly or fresh to death.

So, what did I do but, take some bad advice from an older gentlemen wanting help to get rid of his package. (It was actually 2 of us, but don’t want to mention the other friend as I don’t know if he’s comfortable with this information being disclosed.) The older gentleman thought it was genius that we went to school with about 2,000 kids and it should be easy for us figuring at least 20% of kids in high school smoke. So, we’re in spreading the word and starting to do well in about a week in. Then, a blessing in disguise. Cops come in to the high school with dogs sniffing lockers. My friend and I were nervous out of this world. Come to find out they came in for someone else and ended up finding paraphernalia in another students locker. From our scare we quit that same day. We knew better and should of never got in to that was our thought.

At 16 yrs. old I was really about buying a car and more in to money. At this point my mother has moved us out of the hood and my second little sister was born. I got  a job at Wal-Mart where I started learning core values of earning a paycheck and dealing with customers.

I ended up buying my first car at almost 17 yrs. old with my own hard earned money in 2002. I saved $3000 for a 1999 Mazda B-2300. I ended up buying it for $2500 at a steal. Come to find out the guy that sold it to me was depressed and sold a $7000 truck at the time for less than half, because he just wanted money for the week. He ended up committing suicide later that week on the Hammonton, New Jersey train tracks literally only a block a way from where I lived then.(God Bless his Soul) It was easy for me to save money, because I didn’t drink at the time, I wasn’t to worried about being fly anymore and I didn’t have anything that interest me enough to spend on. I learned quick and still liked looking nice, but never really went out my way to buy anything extra as much anymore.

The savings mentality came in from not having much. So, I guess when my opportunity came it was almost second nature when that’s all your parents and adults around your community preached. A few months passed and I relapsed on my mentality.

I lost my job at Wal-Mart trying to juggle school and basketball practice. I was doing well and some things came up where we had to move one week before the season was starting. That was a blow, because I was really excited, for the first time I did what I had to do to make sure I can play. I actually wasn’t getting the grades I was supposed to sophmore yr. in a different high school the yr. before, lots of moving. I was going to be the starting 2 guard and man I wish I would of played. I know for a fact it would of been memorable. Lol, not tuting my own, but I was getting to a certain level and from moving my other friends I grew up with didn’t even get to see. They always knew I was good, but I was getting to a high level and by Sr. yr. could of been real interesting. Anyways, don’t like talking about it, because I know I would of had the records in Hammonton High School. No offense to my boys, G4 and SOAG they did there thing and made that school recognized in the basketball world, because Hammonton is straight football country.

After that time I got back in to selling smoke, but with another friend. We were doing good. Also, had a scare and he quit, but I kept going. I figured I’m a just go back to my hometown with this leverage and live with my Aunt. In the hood again. Now with a girlfriend that I met to Nellys “It’s getting hot in here” (lol) at an adult/teenage club. Now you don’t find many of those, but back then at like 17 you were allowed with a braclet, but couldn’t drink.

I noticed we were struggling a bit again. My mom wasn’t working as much, because I believe her job was downsizing and I figured I’d go back where the market is and finish senior yr. at my first high school. Also, changing again right about basketball season and I was disqualified again for attendance and grades which by that time I was more in to making money and partying my senior yr. and lost hope for basketball. However, I always knew I would be something no matter what. Well I became one of the greatest business men in my hometown by never robbing, hurting, or shorting anybody. I had to say that, because I know smoke dealers get a bad rap, but honestly there was a such thing as half way crooks lol. Not saying I was ever soft, but smart with morals and a conscious. What I was doing wasn’t perfect, but at the time I felt it was actually helping people and now we can see it starting to be legalized everywhere. Ok, I’m down playing it.

There should never be any smoke in the lungs, but I believe if you eat or drink the smoke it’s beneficial for the people that need it. The only person that would get hurt is my head from the hangovers and randomness I loved to do with the money.

I blew the money on dirt bikes, trips, and partying. However, don’t regret the experiences and still remember every great moment. Random trips to Miami and New York City with my friends. Actually Lionell Dixon my great friend has a book out on his up bringing and how the random Miami trip really put things in to a different perspective for him and he went from 350 lbs. to 165 lbs. body builder now. It’s crazy how things happen for a reason and what’s crazy is I’m starting to think we’ll both be wealthy at the same time. Even though he’s more accomplished with about 3 books out, on mens magazine, and a lot of different avenues calling him now; I believe if he hits I hit, If I hit he hits, because I’ll definitely invest in his endeavors as my great friend has a great soul. I remember actually as I tried exiting out of the smoke business he got me a job at Seaview Marriot where I learned some more core values of working, but I always knew I wasn’t meant to be a worker.

I have things to learn and teach. I have things to see and be. I have things to experience and give. I don’t like giving all of my sweat to somebody else for me to stay level, not being able to give, not being able to help others, as they keep rising. To Be Continued…..


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